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Phase 1b. Key component of the system is the twin screw pump developed by JHB. A very long running time between possible maintenance work is required due to the application of the system in very deep water. The research work reported are basics for the development of a real time condition monitoring system which currently is developed by Germanischer Lloyd within the scope of the next phase of the project.

The following tasks have been part of Germanischer Lloyd work in MTK a Evaluation of the mechanical system structure by use of a 3-dimentional coupled finite element model Section 6. The results are the scientific and technical bases for the work in the running project supported by BMBF under identification number MTK Die Arbeiten, ueber die hier berichtet wird, sind Voraussetzung fuer die Entwicklung eines Systems zur Zustandsbeurteilung in einem anschliessenden Projekt und umfassen: a Mechanische konstruktionsbegleitende Stukturanalyse vgl.

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Abschnitt 6 der Pumpe mit Hilfe von gekoppelten. Validation of computer codes and modelling methods for giving proof of nuclear safety of transport and storage of spent VVER-type nuclear fuels. Criticality safety during transport and storage of spent VVER fuel elements. The report gives the results of investigations on the validation of computer codes used to prove nuclear safety during transport and storage of spent VVER - fuel of NPP Greifswald and Rheinsberg.

Characteristics of typical spent fuel nuclide concentration, neutron source strength, gamma spectrum, decay heat - calculated with several codes - and dose rates e. Differences and their possible reasons are discussed. The results show that despite the differences in the source terms all relevant health physics requirements are met for all cases of source term. Es werden eine Charakteristik des abgebrannten Brennstoffs Nuklidkonzentrationen, Neutronenquellstaerke, Gammaspektrum, Nachzerfallsleistung - berechnet mit verschiedenen Programmen - und Ortsdosisleistungen z.

Differenzen und Ursachen werden diskutiert. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass trotz der Differenzen in den Quelltermen alle strahlenschutztechnisch relevanten Aussagen unbeeinflusst bleiben. Berechnungsbeispiel zur funktionalen Sicherheit. Ethik und Sicherheitstechnik. Eine Handreichung. Bei der Erforschung und Entwicklung von.

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Ambulating radiography. Strong gamme or X-ray sources are utilized for non-destructive testing of i.

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The activities involve certain risks of accident that might lead to serious injuries caused by radiation. The National Institute of Radiation Protection has during the laste decade greatly yhe inspection rate in this area.

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It has today made controls of most enterprieses running ambulating radiography. Active safety of industrial vehicles - status report ; Stand der aktiven Sicherheit von Nutzfahrzeugen - Statusreport Systematic improvement of the safety of industrial vehicles will require the enhanced use of intelligent mechatronic systems, especially those that ensure higher directional stability. Further, improved tyres are required for making full use of these systems. Research on tyre improvements should focus on directional stability without neglecting classic parameters like wear, grip, and comfort.

Last but not least, all systems should be available at reasonable cost. Hier spielt in kritischen fahrdynamischen Situationen aber auch die Leistungsfaehigkeit des Reifens eine grosse Rolle. Die Vorteile solcher Sicherheitssysteme koennen deshalb nur genutzt werden, wenn die Leistungsfaehigkeit der Reifen weiter gesteigert werden kann, d.

Synonyms and antonyms of Färber in the German dictionary of synonyms

Selbstverstaendlich darf eine solche Weiterentwicklung nicht die ueblichen Reifenparameter, wie z. Verschleiss, Rollwiderstand und Komfort negativ beeinflussen. Ein abschliessender Aspekt in diesem Prozess, den man nicht ignorieren kann, ist der Einsatz aller sicherheitsbezogenen Systeme zu einem vernuenftigen und akzeptablen Preis, wobei gleichzeitig die ganzheitliche Oekonomie des Nutzfahrzeugs positiv beeinflusst werden sollte. Safety of tank vehicles. Heuser, G. About 68 percent of the total emissions of hazardous materials result from turnover accidents of tank trucks.

The authors describe the results of turnover experiments: The first three experiments were carried out with a box tank segment without longitudinal velocity in order to test the sensors and measuring systems, to evaluate different impacting conditions and to obtain data for validating the model used for the calculations. Further tests were carried out with moving vehicles, i.

The upsetting experiments were carried out with the aid of a ramp which lifted the right-side wheels of the vehicles until turnover. Six of the turnover experiments were carried out on an asphalt road, two on a road with additional impact on an obstacle, and one with direct impact on an obstacle which was hit by the semitrailer in the center plane of the tank. Zur Ermittlung der auftretenden Belastungen wurden zunaechst drei Umsturzversuche mit einem Koffertanksegment ohne Laengsgeschwindigkeit durchgefuehrt. Diese dienten dem Test der Sensoren, der Messtechnik, der Bewertung unterschiedlicher Auftreffbedingungen sowie der Ableitung von Daten zur Validierung des verwendeten Rechenmodells.

Zur Einleitung des Umsturzvorganges wurde eine Rampe gebaut, die die rechten Raeder der Fahrzeuge soweit anhob, bis das Fahrzeug umstuerzte. Der Umsturz erfolgte bei sechs Versuchen auf eine Asphaltstrassendecke, bei zwei Versuchen auf die Fahrbahn mit Sekundaeranprall an ein Hindernis und bei einem Versuch unmittelbar auf ein Hindernis, das bestimmungsgemaess vom Auflieger etwa in der Tankmittelebene getroffen wurde. Arting from an analysis of road transport tanker accidents, crash tests and overturn tests were performed and supplemented by investigations of road transport tanker components and accompanying complex calculations of the failure processes.

Parallel to this, the static side-tilt stability of road transport tankers was determined on a tilting test platform. The causes of and constructive possibilities for avoiding overturning, which is the most common cause of accidents in which hazardous materials escape, wewre analysed in dynamic driving tests with supplementary computer simulation.

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Various measures for improving the safety of road transport tankers were determined and subjected to a cost-benefit analysis. Ausgehend von der detaillierten Analyse von Tankfahrzeugunfaellen wurden Tankfahrzeug-Crashversuche und Tankfahrzeug-Umsturzversuche durchgefuehrt. Diese Messungen an kompletten Fahrzeugen. The ambulance service is very important in emergency medicine. The aim of this study was to investigate the new governing statuate of private ambulance service and to propose some new ideas. We examinated the new governing statuate of private ambulance service, rules of patient transporte between the hospitals and reports written by SSK Goztepe Educational Hospital ambulance drivers.

Daten Nachnutzung im GIS, geografische Informationssysteme

We concluded that SSK Goztepe Educational Hospital ambulance drivers have a iot of problems especially at the rules of patient transport between the hospitals and there are some defiencies at the new governing statuate of private ambulance service. We concluded that it is necesssary to manage all the ambulance services in one center; all the private ambulance services have to have a specialist and all these must be determinated by the special rules.

Key words: Regulation ofprivate ambulance , emergency head maintanence, ambulance services.

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Die Dissertation untersucht die aktuelle Sicherheit der europaeischen Erdgasversorgung. Sie beruecksichtigt zudem die moeglichen Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung auf die europaeische Gasversorgungssicherheit. Die Arbeit besteht aus einer detaillierten empirischen Studie und darauf aufbauender Szenarioanalyse. Hierzu wird auf den Interdependenzansatz von Robert O. Keohane und Joseph Nye zurueckgegriffen. Zur Darstellung des komplexen Themenbereichs wird auf die Darstellungspraxis der Dichten Safety - thanks to the freedom to decide; Sicherheit durch Entscheidungsfreiheit.

Vorstoss mehr Vor- als Nachteile bringt, muessen daher die entscheiden, die als Auftraggeber Nutzen aus der Fernheizleitung und Sicherheit fuer das investierte Geld aus dem Sicherheitssystem ziehen wollen. Eine Fehlentscheidung waere endgueltig und kritisch fuer die Fernwaerme. Herborn, Christoph U. Purpose: Retrospective analysis of the occurrence of adverse events and the diagnostic efficacy of a paramagnetic contrast agent with weak intermittent protein binding and high relaxivity.

Demographic data, relevant comorbidities, and allergies were recorded. The safety and tolerability of MultiHance were logged on a standardized data sheet. Results: A total of patients were included in the study.

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The examined regions included the central nervous system, the liver, and the vascular bed. Adverse events totaled 1. The most frequent findings were nausea, vomiting and a feeling of warmth. Conclusion: MultiHance is a safe and very well tolerated contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging MRI with a profile and frequency of adverse events similar to other extracellular MR contrast materials. Annual report Jahresbericht The developments in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate mining are presented. Structure and responsibilities of the regional mines inspectorate are described, and their activities in the following fields are reported: industrial safety, health, mining and safety, mining and environmental protection.

The batteries have been tested and evaluated on bench testing as well as in fork lift trucks and driverless trucks in practical application. The field tests have been performed by the subcontractors Still, Mercedes-Benz and Indumat. A series development together with a cost reduction programme have to be performed ahead of the introduction of the ZEBRA-battery into the market for industrial traction batteries. Driver assistance - Firstly a contribution to primary safety or rather to comfort? Doubtless assistance systems should contribute to the safety of car driving.

They support simultaneously a comfortable use of the car. Especially the operation comfort is characterised by clarity, self explaining, robustness against errors, and so on.