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  1. Mail-order brides are still around.
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So Frank and Jean Luc have to deliver the baby. Meanwhile, back at home Dana begins to question her relationship with Rich when an old friend from high school, now attending Harvard, tries to woo her away. Rich gets jealous and forbids her to see him,which only makes Dana laugh.

She then accepts an invitation to go with her friend for the weekend to visit the Harvard campus. Rich shows up and things get crazy.

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JT asserts his independence by moving out of his parents' house to a not so joyful Jean-Luc's. But after some problems there he then moves into his own apartment. Carol wants to spend more quality time with the girls by going to a karaoke bar. Jean-Luc keeps the kids in suspense when he tells them he's cutting the hair of a popular celebrity. Fabio guest stars as himself. Meanwhile, Rich and Dana try to control, unsuccesfully, Lilly's birthday party. Frank buys Carol a birthday present that stresses security rather than romance.

Mail-order brides are still around.

JT warns him, but he doesn't listen. Carol does not appear to be all that thrilled about it after getting jewelry and cashmere from Jean-Luc and the kids, respectively. Frank tries to make it up to her, but Carol believes the fact that he loves her and gave her the gift with that love was enough. Dana chooses a ""brain"" to team up with for the recycling contest rather than Rich.

Cody's Mail Order Bride

Rich, in order to get her back picked a ""bimbo"" cheerleader as his teammate. Rich really wants to show Dana he is not a ""flyweight intellectual. After getting only an understudy role after auditioning for the lead in a local theatre production, Al refuses to learn her part and ends up in hot water when the star falls ill on opening night. Meanwhile, after Lilly gets an exceptional score on an aptitude test, Dana tries to help her fulfill her destiny as a genius.

Karen thinks her dream of becoming a Country Music star may finally come true,A producer says he will deliver her demo to every record producer in the business if she gives him dollars upfront.

She does and he rips her off,by skipping town. She soon becomes depressed and being too young to get drunk, she stuffs herself trying to get fat. Dana eventually cheers her up by getting a radio station to play Karen's song on the air. Cody orders a ham radio, but ends up with a Russian mail order bride. She steals his credit card, max's it out, and insists upon marrying Cody to avoid having to go back to Russia. Finally, she finds a naturalized citizen from her home country and marries him,and Cody is no longer under Russian domination.

Brendan ends up not getting a permission slip to a Packers game, requiring a clarification of the rules. JT and Al baby-sit for Lilly and impulsively take Lilly to an audition to represent a baby food company in Milwaukee.

A Shotgun Wedding by Cia Leah - Read Online

When changing a diaper, Al and JT notice that they returned with the incorrect baby. Upon Frank and Carol's return, the whereabouts of Lilly are still uncertain. As it turns out, Jeffrey was the younger brother of a babysitting teenage boy who had similiarly been enticed by the cash reward. At a beauty products convention, Frank annoys Carol by complaining about how boring it is.

She finally tells him to wait for her in the bar. But Frank is convinced by a beautiful product representative to have his follicles massaged. When Carol catches Frank ""flirting"" with the saleswoman, they argue and agree not to force each other to attend their respective business functions anymore. Also, Dana and Cody get trapped in Cody's magic box. After Cody tells Dana his life story, sings 1, bottles of beer on the wall, and otherwise annoys her; he receives a call on his cellular phone. When Mark's date overhears him bragging to his friends about the so-called special moment they shared, she calls his bluff in front of his schoolmates -- branding him a wimp.

Meanwhile, after being dumped by her date, Karen feels that her ""imperfect"" body is the culprit and takes drastic measures to improve it. When Dana and Rich take a pottery class, she must cope with him being better at it than she is. Meanwhile, Carol and Frank's sexual role-playing make J. Everyone begins to help Carol so she will not be stressed out too much and harm the baby. Carol, however, is so fussy about how they help that she drives them all crazy and seems to be just as stressed.

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Brendan, however, stays up all night cleaning to help. Dana and Cody are selected to teach a bunch of remedial high school students about the Civil War. Cody signs them up for a hit TV game show, ""It's Academic,"" and wants a more hands-on kind of teaching. Dana fights Cody on both until the competition, where she gets so into it, she threatens her team.

The students respond to both Cody's teaching and Dana's coaching. Cody's cheese hat gives him the ability to predict the winning lottery numbers.

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  4. Karen, Mark, and Brendan try to take advantage of that and get the numbers from him. Cody didn't think it was fair to keep it all to himself so he put the numbers up on the big billboard at the Packers game and it made the ESPN Play of the Day-- making a lot of winners and the prize basically worthless. Dana introduces a psychology major named Fleming to her parents thinking he is ""the one.

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