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Brief introduction:

L Wilson writes a perfect balance between the two genres. This is one of my favorite books this year and I love fantasy romance and I hope more books like this.

Lady of Light and Shadows

You wouldnt regret it because its no way like Christine Feehan or Sunny's books. Quote from: Has on November 08, , pm. Gwendolynn Tinker Posts: I think it is an injustice to her to compare her to Christine Feehan. Is that just so rude of me to say? I only read one of Ms. I see how it can be compared to Anne Bishop, but it is not as dark.

The same creativity is there though. There is just so much more to these books. They are an excellent blend of romance and fantasy.

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I highly recommend them. I also think That C. L Wilson is planning to write other characters from the same universe but I dont know who yet. And I think the comparison to Christine Feehan is vagueish but I felt the whole mate thing was similar in that context. I think I have stopped reading her vampire books but I am still enjoying her psychic 'Game' series.

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I look forward to her next books. Two more books of Ellie and Rain will be perfect. They have totally captivated my attention and I think there is so much there already. There are so many possibilities. She may not even use established characters. I see your comparison with Christine Feehan now. I like what she has done with the truemate thing.

Lady of Light and Shadows (Tairen Soul, book 2) by C L Wilson

I also like the courting period she has going on. Me too Bel and Marissya's brother are very interesting characters Although I am very interested in Elly's parents - There is a great backstory there. I have a feeling that C. Her first official engagement as queen ended in complete disaster when she accidentally wielded magic—of the lusty kind—right in the middle of dinner! Hers is an unpredictable skill that seems to get her into trouble time and again. Now, amidst the suspicion of her own family and friends, Ellie struggles to accept and control the magic she has always feared.

Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey, is convinced that his most bitter enemies, the Mages of Eld, are preparing for an attack. But despite his relentless campaigning, his allies are unable or unwilling to see the danger that is imminent. Meanwhile, he must continue to court Ellie so that she might fully accept their mating bond—for she is now his greatest vulnerability.

Download Lady of Light and Shadows: Tairen Soul, Book 2 Audiobook (Unabridged)

Never before has a Tairen Soul been truemated, but in acknowledging the mating bond, Rain has given his enemies a tempting target: Ellie. For Rain is sworn to protect her life, and her capture would give his enemies certain victory. But will her true nature reveal the saviour that Rain has been promised or the deepest betrayal that will tear their bond apart? Fey warriors, tairen creatures, the Dark Lord no, not Sauron , demons, non-consensual magic, an exorcism. Pretty much the entire book.

I love the parallels and contrasts that Wilson draws in the characters and situations, and every scene in this book just seems to fit. This book explores the concept of truemates. Rain is an alpha hero, but there are always reasons behind his aggression.

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I really, really, really appreciate that. I usually include a very short excerpt from the book, but my favourite parts would all be considered spoilers.

OVERVIEW: Lady of Light and Shadows

I would have preferred to have stronger motivations for Queen Annoura. The big conflict between Rain and Ellie feels a bit weak. To be honest, I skimmed through it, and only during my second go did I read it properly. I find the opening of the book rather weak. I would have preferred it before the big reveal that causes a conflict in their relationship—the stakes would have been higher then—or maybe moved to the next book.

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Lady of Light and Shadows strikes the perfect balance between fantasy and romance. Jones, most of whom have written classics in the fantasy genre.