Manual Mille pardons (French Edition)

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A thousand pardons , my dear! A thousand pardons , Your Majesty.

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A thousand pardons , sire. Mille pardons , Sire. A thousand pardons , Excellency. Mille pardons , Excellence. A thousand pardons , sir,. Mille pardons , monsieur. Miss Morland, a thousand pardons for our late arrival. Miss Morland, recevez nos plates excuses pour notre retard. I beg you a thousand pardons , Your Grace! Je vous supplie de me pardonner M. A thousand pardons , master Literally a busload of armchair professionals happily eating their own shit for enjoyment down here, what a waste of talent.

I rather liked the article but it could have been much better if Ariel had asked some of his other contacts in the watch world to estimate the build cost of one or two RM watches so we could get an idea of the margins and the size of that Veblen effect. Cost to manufacture on a fully amortized unit basis , double that to get whole price and double again for retail price.

But 7x cost modeling is not uncommon for some watch brands and when you get to brands like RM, I would expect that 10x or more makes sense because the unit volume is very low and your development and marketing costs skyrocket. And the smaller your run, the worse it gets.

I recall always hearing that the box costs more than the cereal in it.

avec mille grâces - English translation - French-English dictionary

I suspect highly promoted brands such as Rolex spend about as much on marketing as they do on watch production but I have no data to back this statement up. For whatever reason RM always misses the mark with me and so many of their pieces, despite excellence in engineering and execution, just end up looking like mechanical abortions that never got cleaned up. A busy week in the clinic on Cybertron, if you will. Forgetting the price, they simply are not attractive or classy to my eye. There are also a couple of Crown? They are all older than me as well. Speaking of things older than oneself, I have resolved not to fly on airplanes older than I am anymore.

Too many nights in radial engine piston aircraft flying over water — no more. I first heard about RM about 15 years ago and liked it and what they stood for. The whole extreme accuracy and a movement that can take serious abuse. The relative purity of design has given way to fussiness and headline and sunglasses grabbing looks rather than design cohesiveness and too many illegible dials.

I admit, I would if I could; I have always dug the sporty, irreverent and quirky as far as watches go.


How many out there are driving cars that cost as much as or more than their house? Oh, many, trust me. I would also venture that not everyone who owns a Mille also owns a million-dollar home. Yeah I gotta admit I like them as well.

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Trying to read the time would never get old with an RM. As much as everyone likes to heap shit on the wealthy, if you got the money and you like it, why not? I wonder how many people who have put shit on the people who wear these watches, wear some form of jewelry, or have a tattoo.

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  • Even if the item means something personal to a person,wearing it in position where it may be seen, i. Otherwise you would be more likely to leave it at home because simply owning it would be enough. If I owned an RM I would be hiding it under a sleeve most of the time for fear of someone following me and ripping it off. The only people I would deliberately show it to would be others like me that are into watches. I respect the brand for its business model.

    My tastes dictate that a quality product should be somewhat understated. Well made, reflecting high quality materials and workmanship, but understated.

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    So, in my mind, wearing something obviously ostentatious, no matter what the price, dictates the wearer has little-to-no taste. The rapper adorned with multiple gold chains comes to mind. Congratulations Mr. Mille on finding the sweet spot.. Whether one does or does not like the watches it is up to you. I am in your boat, not a huge fan of what they produce. They are so expensive because of the number of jewels. One model pictured has 71, which is even more than Invicta.

    Playing soccer with a hublot on? Or are they driving an f1 car wearing a Tag? Swimming competitively with a Chunky planet ocean on the wrist?

    Dix Mille Tours du Castellet 2020

    I think not. Atleast with RM you actually see the watch taking it, dealing with said conditions on the wrists, gotta respect that especially for wildly complicated mechanical watches. But seriously, a lot can be said about brand equity, market segmentation and product differentiation. As many words as there are on this site.

    How high - Bart "Mille Pardon"

    But I was expecting an article about RM specifically. A lost opportunity, in my humble opinion. They are crass, vulgar and the most ugly watches I have ever seen. The late Steve Jobs, Bernie Sanders, etal. Yes I was referring to the tank and yes I spelt that out of my derriere. Thanks for pointing it out. When I look around the Greater Vancouver area with the massive concentration of purposely ugly supercars ordered to clown car specs by all those satellite kids from China and the Middle East, it makes even more sense.

    The first thing I noticed when I moved there was the tremendous quantity of terrible cars with fancy aftermarket mags. I just could not fathom the psychology at work. In fact unjustifiably high prices often do exactly the opposite. Another bogus suck-up article. At least this one was amusing. I bet he reckons if Rafa had worn that Seiko he would have beaten Federer every time they played together in a final;. Sure, his watches are not bad, but a hugely important aspect was the fact that celebrities started wearing his watches.

    As a friend of mine who works for Deutsche Bank pointed out, RM and Lamborghini are two brands loved mainly by individuals who want to appear much richer than they actually are. For instance, the annual calendar chronograph movement from a RM is technically very similar to an annual calendar chronograph used by Patek Philippe. And Jacob. And do you remember all the other brands they owned, usually independents? Is there still one in business?

    I actually still like Franck Muller on the whole but the problem is they became a one watch case design company and fashion changed. Pierre Kunz was my favourite and I still really like them. I always found the Pierre Kunz Insanity to be an interesting watch. Not sure how it would be to actually wear it and try to read the time at a glance — but very cool IMO. Ate they still around, have not seen anything from them in ages.