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  1. Our bodies are incredibly complex, yet remarkably easy to care for.
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Thanksgiving Service Nov. We invite you to join our mailing list and receive emails we send out with news, updates, events and special services. Scripture Text : Gen , Title: "If God said it then he will bring it to pass.

Our bodies are incredibly complex, yet remarkably easy to care for.

This week the pastor spoke about the story of Abraham and Sarah and how God told them they would have a child and though it seemed far fetched that is what he gave them. When God tells you something believe it because it shall come to pass. You will have to go through it and the Devil will have you questioning God, but in the end God will never fail you.

Glistening water and serene surroundings will greet you there. Deogarh is situated on the banks of Betwa river is the 'Fort of the Gods' or Deogarh, about km from Jhansi, near the Lalitpur range of hills, and the Mahavir Swami Wildlife Sanctuary is on the way.

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Near the sanctuary, you can also visit an ancient Dashavatar Temple of the Gupta Period. As you proceed to Deogarh, you can see a hill that hosts 31 well-maintained Jain temples, dating back to the 9th century. In Deogarh, the Deogarh fort is a must visit and there, you can climb down the steps to spend a nice evening by the Betwa river.


Other attractions in Lalitpur district are the ancient Varah Temple and Kurainyabeer Temple, new discoveries in Deogarh like Lord Buddha's beautiful rock-cut images near the present Jain temple complex, the forest area in Patan Valley known as 'Pandav Van' where the Pandavas are believed to spend their exile, Muchkund Cave near the Betwa river valley and the rock-cut sculpture of Lord Narsimha located inside Dudhai forest.

Monsoon season is the best time to visit and drown in the beauty of the hilltop fortress of Kalinjar that lies 69 km from Banda and km from Jhansi. It is believed that Lord Shiva slayed the God of time here. Standing on the ramparts of the grand fort, you can enjoy the vast expanse of the sprawling rain-fed green of the farms below and the foothills of the Vindhyas. The Neelkanth Mahadev Temple in the fort premises houses an imposing Shivaling, besides many beautiful sculptures of gods and goddesses on its stone walls.

This ancient capital of Chandelas lies km away from Jhansi. As you travel to Mahoba during the rainy season, you will see many hillocks and shimmering lakes surrounded by fields of flowers and lush greenery.

Day Tour to UNESCO: The Glorious RAMAPPA Temple, Tank & Town of years old - Hyderabad

The Mahoba Fort stands atop a hill. Housing beautiful Buddhist statues and paintings from the twelfth century that had escaped destruction, they were small, perfect buildings set amid the crumbling and chaotic old city, whose massive walls were still partly intact. The Yungang Grottoes, just out of town, were even more remarkable. The caves contain Buddhist sculptures from the fifth and sixth centuries.

History of The Valley of the Temples

At the time, the grottoes had a tiny gift shop offering only black and white postcards. One, a bust of an ecstatic disciple of Sakyamuni, sat on my desk for years. This is a topic I explore in the context of recent books on the destruction of Beijing in new piece for the NYR. Datong is famous for a noodle known as daoxiaomian —in traditional restaurants, cooks deftly shave strips off a big block of dough, shooting the noodles directly into a pot of boiling water. My favorite restaurant had of course been leveled, and the only option was a faceless fast food chain that went by the invented English name Eastwheat.

School marching band turns Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ into a glorious brass fanfare

Over the past few decades, Chinese cities have seen their historic centers erased by a generic vision of modernization: broad boulevards and highways, office towers and luxury flats. In Datong, that vision had its day in the s and s. Now, this old-fashioned coal-mining city is on the cutting edge of a new urban development strategy: recreating an imagined, glorious Chinese past. But Datong is something else.

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  8. The efforts are centered on rebuilding the once-magnificent city walls. Most stretches had come down in the Mao era and the rest were destroyed to make way for new buildings in the s. Now, they are being rebuilt, mostly from scratch.

    Already, half of the center of Datong is encircled by the the new walls, which are a full scale replica of the originals: thirty-nine feet high and sixty feet wide at the base. Every few hundred yards are watchtowers and every few watchtowers,a hole punched in the wall for traffic to pass through. Construction cranes line the wall like siege engines, depositing pallets of freshly baked red brick that fill in steel-reinforced concrete pillars.