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If you are intimidated by cooking, don't be! These easy to follow recipes will be your guide to making healthier meals in no time. If you don't have access to a gym or workout equipment, no need to fear. There are hundreds of body-weight exercises that we can do to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life.

High intensity interval training better known as HIIT is one of the best exercise solutions for fat loss. It allows you to increase your workout intensity, elevate your heart rate, and burn more calories as a result. Not only this, but it will dramatically reduce your total weekly workout time, in comparison to traditional resistance training methods. In the following section I have included some of my favorite effective HIIT training workouts to get your started on your journey to a leaner you.

Here are some sources I would recommend for your workouts. Most of these can be done at home with little to no equipment. This provides the exact process for how I construct all of my home workouts that are designed for weight loss and building lean, functional muscle. Don't go on to the next exercise in the circuit until all reps for the current exercise are complete.

Complete 60 seconds of each exercise in sequence with maximum 10 seconds transition between exercises until the circuit is complete. One of my favorite workouts for home or while I'm traveling.

2009 NBA re-draft: The way it should have been

Three basic exercises that when combine, get you a great full body toning, cardiovascular workout. Check it out! This workout is 10 total rounds. The first round is 10 consecutive reps of each exercise in the order listed below, starting the next round with 9 reps of each, then 8 reps of each, 7, 6, 5, One of the best ways to get your heart rate up and your fat burning amplified is throwing burpees into your workout.


This total body workout is guaranteed to help you burn calories, melt body fat, and enhance weight loss. This beginner body weight workout is yet another great on the go circuit that you can perform just about anywhere. If you need help with any of the exercises or need modifications for them, please feel free to post to the discussion section and I would be more than happy to post a modification video.

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Not just for pumpkin and costume season. This is a gut busting, home workout that will kick your booty into metabolic overdrive. A fun, intense, total-body workout that you can do with a minimal amount of equipment, at home or in the gym.

This total body minimalist workout is nothing but the bare-bones, major muscle group movements that you need to take your weight loss to the next level. There's nothing better than getting your body-weight circuit workout done in just a few minutes at the beach. This total body workout is designed to elevate your heart rate, burn calories, and make weight loss seem easy. He is sweet and full of kind words and encouragement. I like that he gets creative with his workouts, since I am someone who gets bored easily.

You can find a trainer anywhere, but not everyone is going to be as passionate as Jack. He is personable and provides consistent and positive feedback and encouragement. His classes are the perfect combination of challenging and motivating. He works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Way It Should Have Been - Gray's Sporting Journal

I have lost 25 lbs during this time. I love how he changes up the circuits with new routines. I've gotten leaner and meaner body, especially around the midsection with his ab workouts…whoa! Thanks Jack!! He is very motivating, encouraging, supportive and always has a smile on his face.

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  • I have been training with him 2 times a week for over 6 months now and I really like how he mixes things up every time so no class is ever the same. So, I was a bit worried whether or not I was able to survive the class. Joining a new gym is a very intimidating experience especially for a total beginner, but Jack totally understood my concern and always made me feel welcomed.

    Sometimes when I have difficulty doing certain routines such as the kettlebell windmill that I absolutely hate, Jack is always ready to work with me to find a modified version. I am a lot more stronger than 6 months ago and I thank Jack for that! In addition to a great workout, Jack keeps each workout fresh and exciting. I take his early morning class and his energy is great for a 6am class! In addition to being a great trainer, Jack also cares about the overall well-being and health of his clients and he is patient with people of all fitness abilities.

    Making your food taste incredible isn't a matter of going to culinary school to become a 5 star chef. It's just a matter of having the right spices and seasonings in your cabinet and on your spice rack.


    I have heard so many of my clients and students get burnt out on eating the same old chicken and steamed vegetables to lose weight. They inevitably get sick of what they are eating, and go back to candy bars and potato chips. If you can add a little spice to your life, you can make healthy food taste incredible.

    It is a common misconception among runners that running alone is enough to strengthen your legs. I have had dozens of runner clients and friends of mine tell me that they workout their upper body with weights and push-ups, but completely avoid doing squats and lunges because they think running is enough to strengthen their legs. These are a few of my favorite, most effective techniques for adding volume and sheer size to your arms.

    If you are looking to add inches to your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, this is the lesson for you. In this lecture, we'll be busting the commonly held lifting myth that heavy lifting makes you bulky. The truth is that heavy lifting doesn't make you bulky, but there are two things that do. All the popularly held fitness publications are always talking about foods that have the ability to boost your metabolism. Can certain foods really elevate your resting metabolic rate? This is a bonus download for a funcitonal ebook that I published a few years ago. If you are looking to lose weight and lose body fat, this will give you some of my favorite habits, tips, and tricks for getting to your goals.

    I am so incredibly excited for you now that you have completed my course, but the journey is far from over. Getting to your weigh loss goal may only be a matter of weeks, months, or short years away. But maintaining your losses once you get their is a lifestyle of learning. Many people believe that once they hit their weight loss goal that they can go back to eating how they did before they lost weight.

    You have taken that time to build a new body, and that new body requires new plans to maintain the results that you have seen. Anti-extension and anti-rotation exercises are the best types of exercise for strengthening your core low back and abs. Here are some technique and form notes to keep in mind for safely and effectively performing these exercises.

    For technique and form, the same principles apply here as you would follow through the movement of the squat. The box, bench, or ledge that you choose is used as an added safety net, and also to improve your hips range of motion and the amount of depth that you can safely and comfortably achieve through the motion of your squat. Same technique and form notes apply for this exercise as the squat. The only differences are The technique and form for step-ups are explained live within this video.

    Many of the principles that are used to safely and effectively perform step-ups are very similar to lunges. Remember, 90 degree angles at the knee for the foot that is stepping up is ideal. If that is too much, start with a lower ledge or step and work up from there. Safety is our first priority.

    No matter what your dietary parameters and habits may be, this technique is a surefire way to start losing weight with.

    Should've Been Me

    This simple principle takes no added time to incorporate, if you are already eating breakfast. Don't be so hard on yourself, because small changes in your diet and exercise can lead to phenomenal results. Start small like Mexican food is by far my favorite type of food on the planet, and not just because it is great for losing weight and dropping body fat. The average Mexican meal can be a perfect combination of The best portion control tool that you can use to keep yourself in check is your hand!

    It is something that is a great approximation tool that you can take anywhere. Here's how it works:. Want to know the truth about fitness trackers??? They WORK! The best successes I have seen from my clients and students are from those of them who quantify results. That means measuring something and anything as a means for tracking success and progress. Toe shoes are like anything else in fitness. You need to gradually condition yourself to running in them and training in them, and build up slowly.

    The biggest mistake that I see with clients training in toe shoes is that they take on too much, too fast. This is a quick way to get calf, foot, and Achilles tendon injuries. Toe shoes can be great for running and lifting though. I find that toe shoes allow me to get better technique with my squats, dead-lifts, and lunges by helping my focus my weight in my heels instead of my forefoot. Make sure to speak with your doctor, physician, orthopedist, or health specialist to find out if you are healthy enough to start using toe shoes.

    I have recently had a huge influx of students from India who have been asking about the best foods to eat to lose weight. I recently found some incredible paleo Indian food recipes that will help you remove the macronutrients and micronutrients in your diet that have been causing you to gain and retain weight. See the attached document for a link to some excellent Indian recipes that are geared for weight loss. This is one of my favorite topics when it comes to losing weight. So how much protein do you need to be eating to see the best weight loss results?

    Depending on who you ask, you are bound to get different answers for this question.