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  4. Bypass Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java

Even though VB6 is outdated, the programs created and compiled with VB6 can still work with the latest Windows operating systems which is why you can still find people attempting to install VB6 on Windows One example is a high profile FBI crackdown case on the powerful RAT malware called BlackShades which is capable of silently doing a lot of things on a remote computer and it is created with VB6. One of the problems is the setup installer asking you to update your Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java which was discontinued back in A computer should always maintain the latest version of Java and is pointless to have the discontinued Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java on the computer just to install Visual Basic 6.

The solution is to trick the VB6 setup into thinking that the Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java already exists on the system so the installer automatically skips this step. In 7-Zip, double click on javabase. Look for msjava.

DLL file from the link below and copy it to the directory mentioned above. Since the Visual Basic 6 installer was created back in , there are some components that will not install properly in a current Windows operating system which causes the installation to get stuck or hang. During the setup options, you are asked to choose 3 options which are Custom, Products or Server Applications. Make sure to select Custom and click Next.

You will then get another list of components with only 5 items. You should get a warning that this component is an essential part of the application and the application will not run properly if it is not installed. You can ignore that warning popup by clicking OK and proceeding with the installation.

The VB6 installation setup should now complete successfully without problems.

Thank you so much, this was really helpful. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not even know how I ended up here, however I thought this submit was good. It gives me error message saying the. I can make an exe file but not the package. Can you help me? I wanted to take the time to say, thank you very much for this great article. I am able to open VB6 on server R2. Great post! We are linking to this particularly great content on our website. Keep up the good writing. Hi there, I desire to subscribe for this website to obtain most up-to-date updates, thus where can i do it please assist.

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With these instructions, I was able to successfully install VB6 on a Windows Server 64 bit machine and debug code. Thank you so much. I just have one question…. How the heck were able to pinpoint these items? Installed as suggested by you, but while opening no errors but to run simple vb program the Visual Basic IDE crashes. Closes by itself on pressuring run button. Pls suggest me what to do. This worked for me too on bit Windows 10 Enterprise Version Seriously, awesome. This procedure allowed me to install VC6 SP6 on a Windows 7 Professional machine which then fixed several problems including: 1 cant open a file 2 cant add files to project.

Thank you!!! Many thanks for your instructions. Got past the obstacles eventually. I just wonder if it is possible to revisit the setup to change back to the default settings now that the program functions? I am using Windows 10 ver Using the instructions on this page I was finally able to get V6 Enterprise installed. I was ask to restart to complete setup. I first tried compatibility mode and then later I was ask if it installed correctly. I answered Yes. I did not try and register over the web because I registered many years ago and guessed the registeration would fail.

Many thanks for this website. I probably would not have thought of unchecking the ADO. Anyone have any suggestions? In point where you uncheck the data components proceeds through the screens, but then recursively repeats the three screens.

Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 7 - How to use a Listbox in

I finally just clicked Ok and the install started. At the end I got a error saying it failed to self-register a. DLL file. I have 2 applications, home use, which require VB6. Is there anyway after installing without ADO to register that component manually? I can do everything else I want with Linux.

Unfortunately this only works if you run setup. If you deinstall vb6 and remove all files.

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Then start setup. Only after 2nd try it will goes to the end. Thank you for a very clear and helpful instruction set. It has been of great help to me. My appreciation to your contributions.

Visual Studio and .NET 4 Six-in-One : Joydip Kanjilal :

Excellent article! Thank you. Thanks for the article I have met with an issue. All my installation files are in one folder and not on CDs. After choosing custom option,the installer is asking for visual studio 6. Can nyone help? Thank you in advance. How can we un-check the options causing the not-responding hang-up during install? Thanks for the simple and clear instructions. I succeeded in installing on Server R2 as well. This was a life saver, after multiple futile attempts.

Thanks from me too! Thanks a lot! I have followed the instruction carefully but still I always encounter this at the end. I am installing it in Windows Please help.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Six-in-One

If you need ADO, etc. Reboot your system and you are done!

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This is worked for me once, Kudos. But then I had to re-install it. Even after copying msjava. Can anyone suggest me what to do? Maybe something with registry?

I had this problem too. Thanks a lot. The article has been very useful and you have explained things in great details. VB6 installs and runs OK on the Windows 10 technical preview. The future looks promising for VB6 programming. You can open, edit and save them with Visual Studio See the Visual Studio Documentation site for more project compatibility information. But you still need to support users of your application running Windows XP? No problem. Visual Studio can target the Microsoft.

Bypass Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java

In fact, Visual Studio can target back to. NET Framework 2. As an example, for the past few years I've been working with a client building a desktop product. Because they can't control the end-user systems, we used Visual Studio targeting version 4 of the.